Friday, 10 February 2012

Fractious Farm Dogs

Junior 'Her' had an INSET day today so I finally got a decent walk because 'Her Indoors' had more time before work.  Ventured past the farm which we haven't done much since that unpleasantness a few weeks ago with Midge the farm dog.  As we got close, there was a lot of barking.  I got my hopes up but it turned out just to be Digger and Spud, the farm Jack Russells.  They started off barking at me, but ended up barking at each other.  Poor old Spud; Digger's a bit of a young upstart.  Still, they're both ok, after all, they're terriers.  Just as I'd given up hope of a proper fractious altercation, I spotted Midge the farm dog with Bob the farmer, further along the lane.  Bob wasn't taking any risks this time, so Midge was bundled into the back of the Land rover, quicker than you can say 'flying fur'.  'Her Indoors' was very strict with me too, so there was little opportunity for an exchange of hostilities.  I did however manage a quick woof as we walked past.  Midge tried to reciprocate but Bob banged on the side of the Land rover and shouted at him (no less than Midge deserved), so that was the end of that.  Spoilsports. 

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