Thursday, 9 February 2012


I've had enough of the snow now.  My morning constitutional has been curtailed by the cold and the icy road surfaces in the lanes.  'Her Indoors' is a bit cautious after going end over apex on the ice last winter.  She should have four legs instead of two, it gives you a lower centre of gravity. Anyway, after a week of short walks, I've got a lot of pent up energy which I expended barking in the kitchen at the birds flying down to the bird table.  All good fun.

Still, at least I saw bouncing Bonnie, a Border Collie who lives in the house next to the playing fields, this morning.  Her owners have thoughtfully provided her with a chain-link fence so that she can see all the dogs on the field.  She bounces next to the fence barking.  She must jump a good five feet in the air - very impressive.  When I got home, 'Her Indoors' made herself a sandwich for her packed lunch and accidentally dropped a bit of Waitrose sliced chicken breast on the floor.  It was delicious so I tried a Bonnie bounce next to the work top to see if I could get some more.  All I got was thoroughly told off.

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