Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Making Happy!

It's all a bit doom and gloom at the moment. The 'In, Out, Shake it All About' referendum has become the 'Out, Out, Turn it Inside Out' result and, according to Chicken Little, the sky is about to fall in. Let me near a chicken and it's more than the sky they'll have to worry about that's all I can say. Mind you, in fairness, the sky does seem remarkably close to the ground at the moment, with all the seasonal rain and mist, blowing in horizontally. When I visited the Vet's recently, 'Her Indoors' mentioned that I was shedding rather erratically and he said lots of dog owners were similarly complaining.  Apparently it's the weather, confusing our fur. As a dog of some life experience, I've heard the weather blamed for many things.......Then, in time-honoured fashion, the England football team managed to totally fail to live up to the sum total of its parts and crashed out of the Euros to that famous and revered footballing nation, Iceland. 'Her Indoors' could have played better and I think 'Her Indoors' mother might have made it off the subs bench too. Add in a terrorist attack in Turkey, and 'Them Indoors', along with the rest of the country, are mired in gloom, doom and despondency.

So it's just as well they've got us dogs to cheer them up. The Twitter group, the BTposse, are forming their own government. There's been a lot of subversive talk about Border control, so we felt we needed to set things straight. I was tempted to apply for Minister of Law and Order, as I'm such an outstanding citizen, but decided on Minister for Culture so I can make my book a set text. And there's two cheering stories about my book that made us laugh. The first was a man who stopped his car when we were coming back from a walk as he wanted us to sign his book. He said he'd been thinking about buying a Border Terrier but, after reading my book, had changed his mind! I'm not sure what the opposite of 'breed ambassador' is, but I think I might be one... Then there was the story of a person who bought my book as a present for someone going into hospital and apparently they laughed so much when reading it, they woke up the person in the next bed. They should have been a deaf Border Terrier, nothing much disturbs them when they're asleep. Pardon, did you say something? Still, the thought made me happy, which in the current climate, has to be good.
Go on, give us a smile!