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Monday, 11 September 2017

Bordercamp, book launch and bunking off!

Well it's been quite a weekend! I've been at Bordercamp South, Mersea Island, Essex, launching my new book, 'Sit, Stay, Roll Over'. We arrived on Thursday with our caravan, only for 'Them Indoors' to discover that they'd forgotten to pack my dog-tether stake - their memories are not what they were, at their age, bless them. Anyway, they seemed to think that if they hooked my extendable lead over an awning peg that would suffice. Honestly, you'd think they'd know better. I'd escaped twice whilst they put the awning up! Anyway, 'Her Indoors' reckoned that if she pegged down the awning really well and blocked any obvious gaps, I would have a secure area of my own. That lasted for all of twenty four hours before I squeezed through a gap in the corner, whilst 'Her Indoors' was doing the washing up and had taken her eyes off me for two minutes. When she came into the awning I was gone. She went outside to look for me but could see no sign and started to panic. After all, I'm a senior fur with dodgy hearing a long way from home. Just as she was beginning to imagine the Facebook postings and tearful 'phone calls, I was brought back by a nice lady on a borrowed lead. I'd got bored so had gone to investigate another caravan to see if it was any better than my own. 'Her Indoors' was not happy and her mood was not improved by the fact that as soon as I was put back in the awning I promptly went to escape again and had to be hauled back. My ears were wilting and my lead was firmly pegged down again. This, however, gave me the added fun of tangling it repeatedly around the awning contents and then sitting looking forlorn until 'Her Indoors' came to rescue me. It's just as well I've got a zip up soft crate so at least we could both get some uninterrupted rest.

The following day I was in the marque, selling my book, but I found I could apply the same principle as the awning escapes and I squeezed through the corner twice, dragging my extendable lead behind me, until they tied me down with such a complex arrangement of knots and winding that even I was flummoxed. I don't know why 'Her Indoors' was so upset. 'Him Indoors' escaped for a whole day on Friday to a history event and I notice he didn't get into trouble and tied to an awning peg.

Anyway, the day was a great success. Not only did I sell some books but 'Her Indoors' entered me in the 'Best Veteran' class. As there was a lot of competition and I was the oldest dog there, we didn't really think I had much of a chance but it's all good fun. I greeted my adoring public through the holes in the orange plastic fence around the ring, tried to snaffle treats off all and sundry, and 'Her Indoors' had a nice chat with the other owners whilst we were waiting for my individual scrutiny. Then the judge had a good look, up close and personal, which I enjoyed. I like any attention, it's all grist to the mill as far as I'm concerned. Then we did our trotting. 'Her Indoors' was a bit stiff after all that chasing around after me the day before, but I made up for it by moving well and playing up to the crowd; I love an audience. When we were lined up and the judge was taking a final look, I gave her my most appealing eyes and it worked; I won. I got a rosette and a trophy, plus more importantly, a big bag of treats. I also got an award for 'oldest dog in the show' with a repeat haul of goodies, and another rosette and goodie bag for best veteran in the 'Best in Show' class at the end; clear the shelves and make way for my silverware! I only wish I had been young enough for Terrier racing too...In addition, I was made a fuss of by lots of people, including some juniors who yelled support for me, and given so many treats that 'Her Indoors' didn't give me my tea until eight o'clock that night as she didn't want me being ill - as if!

So I'd like to bark a big thank you to John Lawrence and the team from Essex Borders for a great event and providing a fitting place to launch my new book. I'd also like to thank everyone who bought a copy and if you haven't got one yet, what are you waiting for? There's signed and paw-printed copies on 'Her Indoors' website, just click on the picture of my book to the right of my blog, or there are regular copies for sale on Amazon. I'd also like to thank the judge for making a senior fur happy, and for buying my books afterwards too. She is clearly a lady of discernment and good taste. And if any fur wants some advice on escaping, just get in touch, I'm a bit of an expert, what can I tell you!
My new book!

I've told 'Her Indoors' about fraternising with strange men....

Enjoying a nice squeeze - what male wouldn't!

A distinguished line up

To the victor the spoils....

Just a few of my adoring public!

'Her Indoors' keeping a firm grip!