Sunday, 17 January 2016

Whatever the weather....

We've just endured the dampest November and December on record and the constant deluge of the wet stuff has been getting everyone down.  When I was younger I didn't used to care what the weather was doing; a walk was a walk and to be welcomed regardless.  Now that I'm advancing in years, I'm a bit more discerning.  If the weather is unduly wet, cold or very rarely, overly hot, I reserve the right to protest by refusing to go any further.  Sometimes I do it when I'm  just not in the mood as well; it keeps 'Them Indoors' on their toes.

'Her Indoors' has taken a little video of my technique which might be useful for younger, inexperienced dogs to study closely.  My preferred tactic is to grind to a halt, planting both front paws at an angle for maximum traction and throwing my weight back in my harness.  I put my ears and tail down and usually hold up a paw and tremble a bit for good measure.  If 'Her Indoors' tries to coax me forward, I make sure I limp so that she worries I'm in pain with my arthritis and lets me turn for home.  Unfortunately that's where the plan fails.  I'm usually so keen to go home that I set off at a brisk trot that belies my former reluctance.  The appearance, in the distance, of any one of my numerous biscuit bearers has a similar effect, leaving 'Her Indoors' to conclude that I'm a lazy old fur who is too keen on his creature comforts.  Charming! 

Anyway, after months of rain and everyone saying what they wouldn't give for a crisp, bright morning, we've had a cold snap and now everyone's moaning because it's... well... cold!  This culminated in a light fall of snow last night and I temporarily forgot my reluctance this morning.  There's something about snow that seems to bring out the inner puppy in all of us so I had a bit of a frolic in the garden with 'Her Indoors'.  Fortunately it wasn't too deep so I didn't suffer from the problem of frozen assets that can befall small dogs with short legs.  It's melted now so we're back to regular.  I wonder what we're going to be blessed with next.  It's just as well we've got the weather otherwise we'd have nothing to talk and moan about!

Keen to play....
Just checking on the well-being of the garden statues


  1. Snow.....we love da snow! However struggle to get da hoomum to come outside! pppf!

  2. Just found your blog and can't believe it. My dog is also a border terrier and called rolo. He even looks like yours. Janice x

  3. Just found your blog and can't believe it. My dog is also a border terrier and called rolo. He even looks like yours. Janice x

  4. Hmmm, I've had that walking technique since my very first walk. I have much more of an affinity with the couch or snooterin round the back yard.