Saturday, 13 August 2016

Going for Gold!

We've been enjoying watching the Rio Olympics and having something cheering on the news for once.  I'd like to say I've been on the edge of my seat, but, to be honest, for most of it I've been lazily ensconced in the middle of my beanie bag, watching the energetic, and quite frankly exhausting activities of our young, sporting, elite impressively doing their stuff.  I did try and enter into the spirit of things by taking a flying leap into the middle of my beanie bag instead of clambering up unsteadily due to shifting pawholds, which 'Them Indoors' were suitably impressed by, if somewhat startled.

And I did have a funny moment last night when I woke up to see dancing horses, bouncing women, and highlights of men diving into bright green water, when I thought I'd eaten something vaguely mushroom like that I shouldn't have, in the back garden, before I realised.....

Anyway, in true Border Terrier spirit, the #btposse on Twitter have been competing in a range of dog specific sports.  We've had action in the pool with pond dipping, 100 meter doggy paddle, surfing, and, as a final water-based event, looking handsome when wet even with a towel on your head.  We've then had the field events: rock climbing, wrestling, 50 yard dash with hoop and lawn mower, 100 meter reverse sprint, synchronised sun bathing, hiding, garden slug eating and throwing up at 3.00am, grass seed collecting,  rolling, tug of war, defuzzing a space hopper/tennis ball, spinning, hoop jumping, relay and the niche sport of sniffing out builders' food. Then there have been the indoor events: the very popular and highly competitive nomming, best bum tongue, won by that outstanding BT champion Little Malc, gymnastics, hiding on the big bed, synchronised puppy dog eyes and, the arena for my own particular gold medal success, most unusual sleeping position with the affiliated sport of synchronised sleeping.  Us Border Terriers are true athletes!

For my own part, I'd like to thank my family, my...erm...trainer..'Her Indoors', my physio 'Junior Her' for all that tummy rubbing and ear tickling, and my dietitian 'Him Indoors' for dietary supplements.  You're all pawsome! Now strike up the national anthem and pass the beer, let's party Rio style!

High jump action
50 yard dash with frisbe

Not an Olympic sport at the moment, but bucket killing has got to be one for the future!

Gold medal winning 'most unusual sleeping position' with added marks for the interesting trajectory and added ear action!

I'd like to thank my family, my trainer......

To the victor the spoils.....

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  1. Well done Rolo on getting gold!!!! Janice xx