Saturday, 17 March 2012

Crufts again

It's a dog with a hairdo that's won Crufts I notice.  Shame it wasn't a Border Terrier.  'Her Indoors' and junior 'Her' went to Crufts one year.  They didn't win anything!  They chose the terrier and hound day so they saw lots of sensible dogs.  Apparently none of the other Border Terriers were as nice but they did fall in love with an Irish Wolfhound.  They gave it some thought but concluded that it wouldn't fit in the kitchen and that 'Him Indoors' would probably leave home if they got a dog that size.  He's not a great dog lover, except for me of course, and I'm used to being an only dog.

Anyway, I was pleased to hear about the cannine who was doing rather nicely in the agility this year, until the weaving in and out of the poles bit when they had to stop to poo, much to the detriment of their chances of winning.  It's good to see that the dogs aren't taking it all too seriously anyway.

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