Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Bloomin' Weather

Ever since the water companies announced a hose pipe ban it's done nothing but rain.  I didn't used to mind so much when I was younger, but if it's really bad these days I just want to go home and get re-acquainted with the radiator pipes and my bed with its cosy mattress.  'Her Indoors' isn't terribly keen on the rain either, but she does have a strong sense of duty, so out we go.  I can't say her language was terribly choice this morning when the wind blew her umbrella inside out just as she was picking up my offerings. Honestly!  Still, I put her out of her misery by looking wet and pathetic; it wasn't difficult, so we could go home.  She insists on shutting me out in the lobby until she's had a chance to rub me down with kitchen roll.  I have to say, I quite like it; what male wouldn't.  I particularly like having my head done, especially around the ears.  I like to finish it off by rubbing the bits she's missed on her jeans.  That does the job.  I don't like her drying my paws though, it interferes with my capacity to make patterns on the floor in the kitchen.  I need to express my artistic nature.  I'm not sure she understands.

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