Sunday, 22 April 2012

Doggy dilemas

'Him Indoors' decided to take advantage of a break in the showers today and mow the lawn - noisy, smelly and potentially hazardous.  The lawn mower's a bit of a problem too!  Anyway, there are only two solutions to this difficulty: one is I go indoors which I hate doing because I like to be out in the garden with my family, and the other is to stick as closely as possible to 'Her Indoors' whilst she's doing the gardening to allay my nervousness around garden machinery.  She does try to understand and I'm sure she feels that my physical closeness can only help our bond, but she does occasionally mutter about my 'dog's breath' and the fact that I'm sitting just where she wants to dig with her trowel.  She also finds me trying to climb onto her lap when she's wrestling with a dandelion a little inhibiting, but still, which is more important, me or a weed?

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