Friday, 13 April 2012

Different Dogs

One of the good things about 'Her Indoors' having a week off work is that we get to walk at a more civilised time of day and meet different dogs to the usual dawn crew.  Saw a small ginger terrier with two white front paws up the field.  'Her' and junior 'Her' nicknamed him 'socks'; not very original but they do their best, bless them.

I also met the smallest dog in the village.  He's a miniature Yorkshire Terrier and I'm not sure of his name, but he's a chirpy little thing, bouncing along on the end of his lead like an animated pom-pom.  His owner always reels him in when she sees me.  Perhaps she thinks I'll mistake him for a rabbit.  As if!  I know a terrier when I see one, even if he is very small.  Apparently Midge the farm dog made that mistake one day and only a last minute realisation on his part prevented an unfortunate incident.  It's not, in fairness, that Midge is stupid, I just think he spends a bit too much time with sheep.

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