Tuesday, 10 April 2012

On Vaccation

'Her Indoors' is off work for the week which means I get decent walks.  Excellent!  Saw bouncing Bonnie this morning, living up to her name next to the fence as usual.  She's got a friend to stay - another Border Collie.  The visitor hadn't really got the hang of things.  They managed the running up and down the fence line bit but none of that impressive bouncing.  Still, if they stay long enough I'm sure Bonnie will teach them.

Walked passed the farm today.  'Her Indoors' and junior 'Her' wanted to see the lambs.  The sheep were even more unfriendly than usual, fixing me with their manic stares and bleating at their babies in alarm.  All I was doing was trotting along the lane on my lead.  Cheek!

Those extendable leads are good fun.  'Her Indoors' won't let me off in the lanes; too many sheep, horses and cars (going too fast if you ask me), so I amuse myself with wandering from one side of the lane to the other, forcing 'Her Indoors' to continually swap sides or risk tying everyone up in knots.  She must walk twice as far as the rest of them.  It's good for her, all that exercise.  I've only got her well-being at heart.

Didn't see Midge the farm dog this morning which was a shame.  He's probably been up all night lambing.  Still, that's one of the downsides with being a working dog.  Now where's my basket, I could do with a bit of a lie down.

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