Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Old Friends

Seen a few old friends on walks recently.  Bouncing Bonnie was on good form at the weekend.  She still has her friend: another Border Collie, so maybe her owners have provided her with a permanent companion.  Nice as the new dog appears to be, they can't bounce like Bonnie.

Saw the smallest dog in the village too the other day.  He's had a summer hair cut so he's even smaller if that's possible.  He wanted to come and play but his owner reeled him in so we didn't get the chance.  A bit of a pity - he could fit places I can't quite manage.  We could make quite a team.

There's a new dog moved in down one of the lanes.  He's a big chap - a long haired German Shepherd.  I gave him the usual brisk terrier introduction but he just cowered against the fence.  His owner explained to 'Her Indoors' that small dogs keep picking on him so he's got a bit of a complex.  I tried to be sympathetic but he really needs to pull himself together.  I might be a bit verbal but I really wouldn't do any harm.

Talking of  doing harm, 'that Golden Retriever from up the road' is back again.  His owners have been in Australia for three weeks so he's been in kennels - apparently the same kennels I stay in when 'Them Indoors' go gallivanting.  Honestly, I thought it was an elite establishment.  'Her Indoors' got chatting to the owner when she bumped into them whilst out for a run the other day, without me, making conversation possible, and apparently the dog's name is Joey.  I can't say I care what he's called, he'll always be 'that Golden Retriever from up the road' to me.

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