Friday, 18 May 2012


In addition to my friends and enemies in the village, I have a few dogs-in-law that I get along with.  Alfie and Archie are two Labradors belonging to the younger brother of 'Him Indoors'.  They live quite locally so I get to walk with them from time to time.  They need reminding who's boss, but once we've established that, we get on fine.  They're generally quite trusting so they can be led into trouble rather easily which is a good quality in a dog.  Mind you, they can be a bit sneaky.  I was over there recently, enjoying a chew thoughtfully provided by their owner, when the door bell rang.  I immediately sounded the alarm and disappeared off to investigate.  When I got back, my chew had gone.  I wondered why neither of them barked at the door bell.  If they hadn't both been in the room with me at the time, I would have suspected one of them of ringing the bell.  They could probably reach if they stood on their back paws.  They're supposed to be family - honestly!

Another dog-in-law, but one I haven't met yet, is Midge (not to be confused with my arch enemy Midge the farm dog).  She belongs to the sister of 'Her Indoors'.  I've been sent a photo of Midge reading my blog so she's obviously an intelligent creature.  I think we're going to get along just fine.

Another computer literate dog - you can tell she's family!

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