Friday, 25 May 2012

The Bunnies are Back

I don't know where they went to in the winter but the bunnies are back.  If we get over to the playing field before the other local dogs have had a go, they're there, waiting for me when 'Her Indoors' lets me off the lead.  I know it's unlikely I'll catch one but I always run at them headlong, barking, and watch them scatter - great fun.  Then there's the little blighters in the garden.  They hide under the shrubs and hedges but I consider it my duty to flush them out.  'Her Indoors' approves - she doesn't like them because they eat her plants.  Whilst barking in the garden is not generally tolerated, I've noticed she turns a deaf ear if I'm chasing the rabbits.  Mind you, I place her in a real dilemma on the rare occasion I catch one.  As I said, she doesn't really like them but they're cute and fury, qualities I personally rely on as well to keep me out of trouble.  She doesn't know whether to praise me or scold me so we usually share an embarrassed silence whilst she gets a carrier bag and disposes of the evidence.  I don't know why she worries, there's plenty more - they breed like rabbits.

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