Monday, 28 May 2012

In Trouble

Saturday wasn't one of my better days.  It was nice and sunny so I was out in the garden with 'Him Indoors' who was pottering around doing a few jobs.  He left the shed door open so I wandered in to investigate and found a packet of organic fertiliser which was very tasty.  After some anxious reading of the label, 'Them Indoors' concluded it was mainly chicken manure so  it wouldn't do any harm.  Unfortunately, it did have rather a bad effect on my digestion, right in the middle of a family barbecue, a bit of a waste of a sausage if you ask me.  Still, I did my best to recycle.....'Him Indoors' wasn't happy, muttering about how he'd never liked dogs and how getting one hadn't been his idea.  I'm nine years old - fancy bringing that up - honestly.  Anyway, talking of bringing things up, the final straw came later when I discovered he'd put some of the fertiliser around a new Acer in the garden.  He had buried it under a layer of compost but I soon dug that up.  When 'Him Indoors' caught me eating it he was even less happy than earlier.  He gave me a few alternative names that even 'Her Indoors' hasn't thought off.  I was lucky to escape the Dog's Home.  Ho, hum!

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