Sunday, 17 February 2013

Furry Miscreants

'Them Indoors' are being bothered by a host of furry pests, not including myself of course.  They've had the usual rural living problem of mice in the loft, which 'Him Indoors' deals with swiftly and efficiently using conventional traps baited with peanut butter.  Outside, the rabbits are still very much in evidence, much to the distress of 'Her Indoors', as they eat her plants.  I've tried to help a bit on that score however I'm not sure if the rabbits are getting quicker or I'm getting slower, but my hit rate would definitely stand improvement.  The other problem is rabbits are most active in the early morning.  'Her Indoors' has tried to get me out of bed at the crack of dawn to chase them, but I'm not playing.  Who does she think I am - Midge the farm dog?  I need my beauty sleep.  Then there's the moles.  The slightest sign of them and 'Him Indoors' looses all sense of proportion and starts to rant.  I've tried to help by weeing on the molehills, but that doesn't seem to discourage them.  'Her Indoors' has persuaded 'Him' that he needs to call the mole man out straight away otherwise they dig a network of tunnels that other moles can move into, but secretly I think she just can't stand all the moaning and swearing.  Still, the mole man came out last week.  He sets traps and leaves sticks poking up, marking the spot.  'Her Indoors' keeps a sharp eye out in case I try and pull the sticks out to chew on.  I must admit I do find the whole process rather intriguing with the thought of all those little furry creatures under our very feet.  The mole man caught two yesterday, so peace and tranquillity have been restored until the next molehill appears.  Honestly, it should make them realise that actually, I'm no trouble at all.

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