Saturday, 20 July 2013

Hot Dogs

Summer has finally arrived and, after less than two weeks of hot weather, the nation is grumbling and the TV news is beginning to show shots of reservoirs.  There's no pleasing the British public.  There are however some up-sides.  'Her Indoors' usually takes me for my walk pretty early, before she goes to work, and in the hot weather we've been joined by quite a few dogs who are normally taken later, trying to avoid the heat.  There's a long-haired dachshund who I've met a few times before and who seems a decent sort.  I've discovered his name is Toto.  Anyway, he doesn't seem put out by the weather, long haired or not, and we had an enjoyable little frolic.  I saw another long-haired canine: that Golden Retriever from up the road.  I didn't get close enough to exchange pleasantries with him, but he did seem a bit subdued.  It's all those woosey long flowing golden locks. Serves him right if you ask me.

I've spent a lot of time out in the garden, alternating between the sun and the shade.  I lie in the sun until it becomes unbearable, then I retreat into the shade.  Occasionally I have to go indoors for a rest on the cold floor tiles and a drink of water from my bowl, but I only do that as a last resort.  The paving slabs and a quick refreshing drink from the bird bath usually set me right.  The water from the bird bath has its own distinctive flavour which I rather enjoy.

Then there's the evening watering of the garden with 'Him and Her Indoors' which is very companionable.  Long summer days.  You can't beat them.

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