Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sick as a dog

I've not been well.  Much to the chagrin of my preferred boarding establishment, I caught a stomach bug on my last day in kennels.  'Them Indoors' were very solicitous.  I got lots of a visitors to my sick bed and anxious enquiries as to how I was feeling.  'Him Indoors' even took me outside in the garden before work and woke 'Her Indoors' up before he left to tell her about my bowel movements.  I'm sure she was thrilled.  He didn't clear up my bedding when I was sick though.  He got 'Her Indoors' to get out of bed and do that.  'Her Indoors' employed her preferred tactic for bad stomach bugs which is putting me on a twenty four hour fast.  What a nightmare.  Still, it seems to have done the trick and I'm finally weaned off my diet of white rice onto proper food.  My ribs are rather less cushioned than normal and my waist has been rediscovered.  'Her Indoors' has expressed concern about my weight loss and I've heard her mention 'building me up' a few times.  Excellent - that sounds promising.  Roll on this evening's barbecue.

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