Saturday, 22 June 2013

Fun and Frolics

I once heard that some dogs who end up homeless and in rescue centres, have never learnt how to play and don't know what to do with a toy when they're given one, which is very sad.  I thankfully, don't suffer from that problem.

One of my favourite games is to get one of 'Them Indoors' to chase me around the breakfast bar in the kitchen and pretend they want to get my rubber ball off me.  I bounce around, doing play bows and mock growling.  When 'Her Indoors' plays the game she growls back.  She's no idea what she's saying, poor lamb, and some of that language definitely didn't come from me, but she certainly gets into the spirit of things.

It's not without its hazards though.  'Her Indoors' has to crouch down to get under the breakfast bar and once stood up too soon and cracked her head.  That was the end of that particular game.  Then there's occasions when the stools have been left too close to the wall and I can't fit through.  'Her Indoors' usually moves them to allow safe passage, but occasionally I get stuck trying to squeeze through and have to be rescued.  This morning I tried going under the horizontal supports on the stool but there wasn't space and I almost had the stool over.  Worse still, I let go of the ball and 'Her Indoors' got it, which isn't allowed under my rules.  Anyway, I had to bark at her to get it back.  I'm not a good looser.  When I've had enough, or if it looks like I'm finally going to be caught, I retreat to my bed and lie on my ball.  That fools them!

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