Sunday, 16 June 2013

Old Friends, New Friends

Got some sad news the other week.  An old friend of mine, Carla, has died.  She was a Golden Labrador and, although she had a habit of trying to put me in my place, always a tricky endeavour, she was a good hearted dog.  There's only me and Storm, a Collie cross, left from the original batch of dog walkers dogs, which is a bit sobering. 

There was a new dog up the field last week however.  He's a greyhound with a very impressive turn of speed.  He's just moved up from Brighton and is missing his pals so I did my best to be friendly.  He was so tall I could have walked through his legs without touching but I didn't like to be too familiar at our first meeting.  Maybe next time.

And the good news is that I had my annual check up at the vets and she was very impressed with my alertness and level of fitness.  'Her Indoors' was positively basking in my reflected glory, a very unusual experience for her, bless her.  Apparently I'm good for a few years yet.  'Him Indoors' was thrilled by the news......... 

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