Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Flying Dogs

'Him and Her Indoors' abandoned me for a long weekend in Rome to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary. True, 'Junior Her' very kindly came home to dog sit, as kennels are currently out of favour, but I was still slightly disconcerted as I'm a creature of habit. Apparently, small dogs are all the rage on the continent, so I could have been a fashion accessory. But it was the report of the flight home that was the most intriguing. When 'Them Indoors' we're queuing air-side, there was a Boston Terrier in front of them, clearly waiting for a flight. There was also a screaming toddler. 'Him Indoors' was tight-lipped with disapproval, as if he'd never owned either in his life. According to 'Him Indoors' the dog was flatulent and smelly but 'Her Indoors' reckoned that if it was a choice between the dog and the toddler......They should have taken me, I can do both noise and emissions. Anyway, the Boston Terrier distracted the toddler and stopped him from crying and 'Him Indoors' is still clutching his silver card and talking about business class. However, as a dog who's experienced many different forms of transport, I see getting on an aeroplane as my next legitimate challenge. 'Him Indoors' better watch out, I could fit in a suitcase.....

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