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Saturday, 13 September 2014

The Scottish Question

I'm not really a political animal, but the question as to whether Scotland should remain as part of the Union or not, has rather caught my attention. As a Border Terrier, I rather feel that I have a paw in both camps. I can understand the need for a seperate  identity, but I can see the benefits of the Union framework. 

I've known a few dogs of Scottish origin.  There was a rather pugnacious Scottish Terrier that I used to meet on my walks in my youth, and there's certainly been no shortage of West Highland Terriers in my general acquaintance. However, what we all have in common is our canine disposition, and in a world where difference = difficulty, I think we should emphasise what unites us. The Union has been a model for tolerance and unity.  Surely that's got to be worth preserving? 

Anyway, 'Them Indoors' once took me on a holiday to the Borders as they thought it would be good for me to re-engage with my roots. I sat and shivered on Hadrian's Wall - what can I tell you, I'm a nash southerner! Scotland, we love you. Stay with us!

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