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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Full of beans....

Ever since my unfortunate trip to kennels where I picked up that rather nasty bug, 'Them Indoors' have been particularly solicitous about my well-being. I've been put on organic dog food which has a list of things it doesn't include, longer than the list of those it does. I'm not complaining; it's delicious. I'm also on vitamin tablets, for my joints, and the net result is I've never felt better. I've been bouncing around like a spring lamb, so much so that 'Him Indoors' is thinking of making some dietary changes himself. He can't have any of my food and supplements. He's clearly got no idea how much they cost and my need is greater.

Anyway, this week, 'Her Indoors' spotted a puppy. It's not that I really mind, it's just that she comes over all unnecessary which is a bit embarrassing. We had seen the youngster being walked with a local Lancashire Heeler. From a distance, it looked like a puppy of the same breed. However when we got up close, it turned out to be a dark coated Border Terrier. 'Her Indoors' was in seventh heaven. There was a long conversation with the owner about the merits of our breed, and lots of cooing over the junior dog. I adopted my usual grumpy, older dog attitude. The sooner these youngsters learn their place in the pecking order the better. I noticed however, that very young dogs don't walk, they bounce. Instead of taking the shortest possible route from A to B, they take a circuitous one that involves lots of backwards and forwarding and detours. They have plenty of spare energy when they're young, either that or they've been on the organic dog food too.....

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