Saturday, 27 September 2014

Vehicles and Post Vans

I've always had a bit of a fascination for car interiors. My attempts to climb into a Police car and into strangers' cars over the playing fields, have been previously documented, but I still find them fascinating. Our window cleaner was over the other week, cleaning the windows unsurprisingly, with the back doors of his van open. Anyway, I waited for 'Her Indoors' to be distracted and then climbed in and had a good root around. 'Her Indoors' got a bit cross and pulled me out - can't think why. Wouldn't everyone like a Border Terrier in their boot? 

Talking of vans, the friendly postman is still trying to win me round with biscuits. It's working too. I'm beginning to look out for him in a nice way. My record is two biscuits.  If I time it right I can see him twice on the same walk. All it needs now is for him to leave his van doors open and then we could be proper friends. I wonder if he'd teach me to drive. After all, I learnt to type.......

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