Sunday, 21 June 2015

Me and 'Him Indoors'

As today is Fathers' Day, it seems an appropriate moment to reflect on my relationship with one of the significant males in my life, 'Him Indoors'.

          I give him rather a bad press because he wasn't brought up with dogs, doesn't really like them, and didn't want a canine addition to his family, but was talked into it by 'Junior Her'.  You'd have to have a very hard heart to resist the pleadings of an eight year old girl, but 'Him Indoors' always maintains that it was a bout of flu that did for his resolve - he was caught at a weak moment.

          Still, we must be the only family where the children were made to complete a buisness plan, listing costs versus benefits, before the purchase was finally made, and 'Him Indoors' is responsible for choosing the breed (he wanted a dog he didn't feel silly walking on a lead) and my name.  He swears (occasionally, when I'm around!) I was named after a Viking Warrior and 'Her Indoors' is convinced I was named after the sweet and the fact that I was the last one in the litter left that hadn't been chosen - 'Him Indoors' suggests there were reasons for that....Either way, it's a good name and I like it.
           I would like to take this opportunity to give a blanket apology for any mis-timed, mis-placed or inappropriate bodily emisions of any kind whatsoever, past, present and future; they drive him nuts and gives him plenty of opportunity to practice my 'alternative names' usually with the word 'disgusting' included.
           We do however have a lot in common.  You know what they say about owners and their dogs, well catch the two of us in profile....Let's just say that we've both got beards.  We also both enjoy the odd beer, and he is very understanding in sneaking me some when 'Her Indoors' isn't looking.  He's also good in the snacking department, probably because it isn't him who has to face the vet at my annual weigh-in.  We both like barbeques, watching football and sleeping on the sofa in front of the TV.  We don't like cats or rabbits.  I share his taste for Bruce Springsteen and Radio Four, but I'm not so sure about Classic FM as I don't like the ads - what is hemorrhoid cream anyway?
          I know he loves me really.  'Her Indoors' once caught him explaining what all the different coloured breakfast biscuits are supposed to do for me.  He's never lived it down but I thought it was rather considerate.  Anyway, he's unfailing kind, even when I've pushed my luck, so I raise my glass to him, or I would if I had one.  Top us up 'Him Indoors' and happy Fathers' Day!

A copy of the original business plan....

When we were both a bit younger, sharing a moment...

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  1. At least he do ave terrier beerd Rolo my pal...he be a keeper I fink