Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Bunny Trouble - Again!

I'm in trouble and it's not my fault.  If 'Them Indoors' were responsible dog owners, they would search the boundaries for holes on a regular basis, to ensure my safety and well-being.  Also, when 'Her Indoors' is busy in the garden, tending the veg plot, she would check up on me more regularly and not just assume that I'm off dozing, in one of my favoured spots, enjoying the sun as I usually do.

It wasn't until she came to go inside and she couldn't find me, that she started to panic.  Fortunately, next-door heard her calling, and by this time nice Mrs Basil had already caught me and was bringing me home, a walk of shame, on a borrowed lead.  Having been sharply scolded once, by 'Her Indoors', for having escaped, I thought the worst was over, but it wasn't.  'Her Indoors' wondered what had tempted me to go wandering, and she soon found out.  All that raw rabbit meat had an unfortunate, and repeated effect on my digestion, starting in a timely fashion when 'Him Indoors' came in from work, and lasting until bed time.  It's best to draw a veil over events but, needless to say, it involved a lot of that floor cleaner, the smell of which I associate with being in disgrace, several loads of washing for my bedding, the windows and doors being open, and 'Him Indoors' being reminded, least he ever forget, that he never wanted a dog in the first place.  He retreated to his study, with the door firmly shut, and I doubt we'll be back on speaking terms for days.  Where's 'Junior Her' when you need her?

Anyway, 'Her Indoors' has found the hole in the fence, but it's behind a holly bush so she got all scratched just discovering it, let alone fixing it, so I'm on my lead in the garden for now, the ultimate indignity.  Rabbits - they're just nothing but trouble, unlike me of course.......!
A message for 'Him Indoors'

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  1. Uh oh...nice try Rolo my pal...da bunnies haz to try arder i fink