Saturday, 15 October 2016


 I had an interesting experience the other week - I was photographed by a professional photographer.  'Him Indoors' is not too shabby in the photographic department, so I've had plenty of training and knew precisely what to do.  First of all, you don't stand still for very long, and when you do move, you make sure you do it just as they're pressing the shutter.  You also make sure that your best, most winsome expressions are only used when you've got your back to the camera.  It's best to avoid illuminating patches of sunlight and keep to the shadows, just to add an element of photographic challenge, and to not respond when they make funny noises to try and get you to look in a particular direction or turn round.  That last bit is quite easy for me as I'm a bit deaf anyway these days so I genuinely don't hear, or at least that's what I lead them to believe.  Then you need to make sure you get bored quickly and wander off, or if they insist that you stay, lie down and yawn widely.

Anyway, I did all of the above and more.  I refused to sit, lie down, stay, be picked up or come when asked.  'Her Indoors', who is usually fairly patient, got quite cross and I got a bit of a talking to after the photographer had gone.  Apparently I behaved like a dog who had never been trained and showed her up.  Nothing new there then!  When we finally got the photos through, 'Her Indoors' was relieved to find that there were actually a few decent shots amongst the out-takes.  What can I say - I did my best - so what do you think?

Blinking funny!

Keep your tongue out!

Is it a bird or a plane...?
Who's is the cheesiest grin?
                                         Was caught out a bit 'being good' with this one...


  1. Love the photos're a real star !!!! Janice & Rolo xx

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