Sunday, 2 July 2017

Bookish Border

Now as many of you know, I'm a literary fur. I have had this blog for many years and I've got my own monthly magazine column for a local free magazine, Magnet, as well as my first book, The Last Rolo. Recently, when 'Her Indoors' was womaning a stall at a local fun day, a lady came up and greeted 'Her Indoors' with great enthusiasm as she reads my column every month. However, when 'Her Indoors' suggested she buy my book, she looked slightly affronted and pointed out that she can read me for free in Magnet magazine. My book is only £6.99, but perhaps she really couldn't afford it.....

Anyway, I've been busy working on the next book, Sit, Stay, Roll Over, and I've just finished the second draft. For those of you unfamiliar with the publishing process, I have a chapter by chapter breakdown, and a rough word target. This is divided into a schedule of so many words per week, and my paws have to move pretty quickly to meet that I can tell you. There is always a bit of dithering about the best stories to include out of the many little adventures that seem, for some inexplicable reason, to come my way. There are some difficult editorial decisions about whether any of my mishaps might offend or upset anyone. For example, if you are a bunny lover, you might want to steer clear...

Whilst all this is going on, we're in touch with my illustrator, Sally G Greenfield, so that she can be working on the pictures. We're having one for each chapter this time around as we thought they were so good last time. She's already done the cover and I'm very excited about it.

When the first draft was finished, 'Her Indoors' decided to take a photo of me at the computer, to celebrate. Unfortunately she's quite slow in the photographic department so I decided to make my own fun and nipped up onto the desk with a speed and nimbleness that is frankly impressive in a dog of my senior years. Anyway, I had a good root around in her 'in tray' - there's stuff she should have sorted months ago - and a check of the stationary supplies, before I was whisked off the desk and unceremoniously dumped back in the kitchen. Charming, doesn't she know I'm an artist?

We've been working on the second draft which involves compiling the various chapters into a whole book and checking for any repetitions or obvious errors. Proof-reading a book yourself means about ten different proof-reads to pick up mistakes. I also like to check the quality and make sure I've kept it interesting right the way through.

'Him Indoors' is doing the formatting this time, and the cover, then we'll be haggling with printers and getting the cheapest price for the best quality. 'Her Indoors' is quite good at that these days. She doesn't stand any nonsense - I've trained her well.

Anyway, it's due out on the 9th September when we're attending a Border Terrier gathering in Essex. It's also 'Them Indoors' wedding anniversary so what nicer way could 'Him Indoors' possibly find of celebrating it. He still hasn't read my last book. He's worried I might have given him a bad press, but as those of you who've read it will know, he barely gets a mention...!

Sit, Stay, Roll Over, is a book for dogs on how to train their humans, and it contains a lifetime of acquired wisdom. There's some advice for every dog, young or old, Border Terrier or those of a different canine disposition and I'm hoping it'll become the 'set text' of the dog world. It's better than all that worthy dog-training nonsense people write anyway. So put the date in your diary and I'll let you know when we're open for pre-orders. I'm getting excited, in a senior kind of way!

My magazine column. Who's that good looking dog...?

Just finishing the first draft

Checking out the 'in tray'

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