Friday, 4 August 2017

Holiday hilarity

I've just been away for my holidays, whilst 'Them Indoors' disappeared off to Bristol in the caravan. 'Her Indoors' was at a conference for a couple of days and, for some strange reason, didn't think it was a good idea to take me along. I bet I would have livened up the workshop she was delivering, and attracted more people, she only had to ask.

Anyway, the latest caring arrangements worked well and I'm back all chilled and in fine fettle. I've been through rather a lot of different care arrangements. I used to stay in a local kennels until a few years ago, but I kept coming back with an upset stomach so 'Her Indoors' put a stop to that. Then I stayed with a nice lady Ros and her family. She had three dogs of her own, that I approved of, but used to have other dogs staying too who I occasionally disliked, so Ros tactfully suggested I might be happier staying as an 'only dog'. I then went to a nice man in Uckfield, and got on well. He seemed happy enough with me too, but when 'Her Indoors' tried to get in touch with him for another booking, he didn't answer her numerous phone calls, text messages or e-mails, which left 'Her Indoors' wondering what I'd been up to. She's got a nasty suspicious mind, that's all I'm going to say on the subject.

Anyway, she found Shirley and Paul via Holidays 4 Dogs, Sussex. We went over to pay a little visit so I could give my approval before committing to staying there. 'Her Indoors' gets a bit tense on those occasions, a bit like at the Vet's. I can't think why. I investigated the kitchen, showing a bit too much interest in the fridge. I then went to explore the garden and did a big pooh on the patio so that 'Her Indoors' could demonstrate the bagging technique to Shirley. 'Her Indoors', having told Shirley I didn't go upstairs, had to go and retrieve me from the bedrooms, twice. I also investigated the fish tank and fish food, plus discovered that I could squeeze into the magazine compartment under the coffee table. There was also an interesting shoe rack in the hall to explore. 'Her Indoors' kept telling me off, but I've found the best tactic is to desist when scolded, but recommence two minutes later as soon as she's distracted and then repeat, indefinitely.

'Her Indoors' was a bit concerned about my stay. She was sure I'd be well looked after but, with a frankly worrying sense of priorities, was worried about Shirley and Paul. Anyway, they sent her a couple of little photos whilst she was away, to reassure her that they were ok. I had a great time. Paul has just had a knee replacement which made him the ideal walking companion for a senior dog. When Shirley and 'Her Indoors' were having a little chat over a cup of tea after she came to pick me up, Shirley gave the immortal judgement that I'm a 'little monkey' citing me grinding to a halt on my walk and only finding my forward gear when the treats were provided. I also refused to go out into the garden at night! 'Her Indoors' did a bit of unfeminine snorting and taught Shirley a few of my alternative names, which was quite frankly beneath her. She should only use that kind of language at home!

Still, 'Her Indoors' holiday photos shows that I was on her mind, although I'm not sure the photo of the dog cemetery in Bristol was very encouraging. Apparently, it was the name 'Nookie', that prompted the photo. 'Her Indoors' was intrigued to know how that worked, when shouted across a field. They might have got more than just the dog being recalled. 'Him Indoors' was concerned that she might be getting ideas about having a headstone for me, when the sad day finally arrives, and pointed out it would involve an eternity of strimming round it, but I personally feel that's the very least he could do.

Anyway, on a happier note, 'Her Indoors' saw a very up-market dog drinking bowl outside a cafe. They obviously take their canine pals very seriously in Bristol. Maybe I'll pay a visit one day myself, or perhaps I'll just lounge around, being spoilt, by Shirley and Paul, if they'll have me back of course!

Taking it easy.....

Nice of them to put my cushion on the garden bench

Interesting name for a dog.....

Now that's what I call a dog drinking bowl!


  1. Just come across your blog and I'm really enjoying it. I'm the human in our household. We've had 4 Border Terriers. The latest is Buddy who is now just 14 weeks old. I've started a blog about him - Perhaps when he's older, he'll take over and do it himself!