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Thursday, 14 December 2017

A Christmas Medley!

Do they Know it's Christmas

*in a serious voice*

It's Christmas time
and there's a need for a warm glow.
At Christmas time, we let in noms
and we banish 'no',
and in our tweets a plenty,
we can spread a smile of joy,
throw a ball across the park
at Christmas time.

Stop the Cavalry

*with a jaunty rhythm*

Bang! that's another bomb
on another town
while Kim Jong-un and Trump disagree
If we get way with it
live to wag our tails,
I'll run for the presidency.
If I get elected, I'll swap
The Senate for the BT Posse

White Christmas

*crooning gently*

I'm dreaming of a tight Christmas
With all the beers I've got to know
Where the treat tin glistens
And small furs listen
to hear the postman in the snow.

I'm dreaming of biting a biscuit
with every parcel that alights
May your dreams be rabbits aflight
and may all your Christmases be white

Whilst Shepherds

*sings with solemnity*

Whilst gardeners watched their crops by night
All growing in the ground
The bunnies came and nommed them up
And fury flew around.

Fear lots said they
for mighty dread was sneaking up behind
bad tidings of destroy he brings
to you and all bunny kind.

For few in Rolo's grounds this day
will escape Rolo's ire
so savour freedom whilst you can
from consequences dire!

All glory be to all BTs
and in bunny burrows be peace
Ne'er move henceforth from earth to garden
and chasing you will cease.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Special dog mince pie Pals...
*barks joyfully*

Snow is falling all around us
furs are pootling, having fun,
it's the season of noms that we're demanding
Merry Christmas, everyone.

Time for parties and celebrations,
BTs barking all night long,
time for ear-plugs and posse advices
so we're never in the wrong!

We're gonna have a party tonight
we're gonna raid that fridge,
underneath the hupeeps nose,
nom cheese by candle light!

With popcorn waiting, balls for playing
and the old furs, drinking beer
Oh I wish that every day was Christmas
what a nice way, to spend the year.

Merry Christmas everyone, Merrrrryyyy Chrrriistmaass everryyone! *trills to an emotional climax*

To all Pals, not just the ones we have photos of.....!

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