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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Birthdays and long lost family

Well it's been quite a week! Firstly, 'Her Indoors', who's been gadding off abroad making friends with new furies, deigned to come back and attend to her pressing caring duties - namely me. 'Him Indoors' did his best, and he was particularly generous in the food department whilst 'Her Indoors' wasn't there to cast a beady eye, but 'Her Indoors' is my primary carer and I miss her when she's not around. A senior fur can't plump up his own mattress!

Flirting with another fury- at least I don't have to wear a spit-guard!

     On her return, she found that her birthday present from 'A Unicorn Moon' jewellery had arrived. As I had played a key role I was keen to see what it looked like and I have to say Sue did us proud. It's a pendent with tiny replicas of my actual paw prints and my name. In order to get clear prints, I had to have my in between pad hair trimmed. This involved me lying on my back with my paws in the air in my basket, 'Him Indoors' being deployed to tickle my tummy as a distraction, and 'Her Indoors' wielding the scissors. I was actually quite obliging which is more than can be said for 'Him Indoors' who wouldn't allow his hair-cutting scissors to be used on hygiene grounds! 'Her Indoors' had to use her embroidery scissors instead. Anyway, they then wiped my front paws with a special wipe and got me to stand on a piece of card. It took a couple of goes before I was satisfied with the quality - if I'm having my paw-prints immortalised they've got to be good ones, what can I tell you - then 'Him Indoors' scanned them in and sent them off. I have to say that the final result is really good and I like the idea of 'Her Indoors' carrying me with her wherever she goes - only right and proper of course.
What nicer present could there possibly be...

     And then, to add to the excitement, it was my fifteenth birthday. As the average life expectancy of Border Terriers is thirteen to fifteen years, this is quite a milestone, and now that I'm safely into my sixteenth year, I have the distinction of officially not being average. My aim is to beat the world record, after all, it's the least I can do for 'Him Indoors'. Anyway, I got the usual fussing, gifts and cards, and 'Her Indoors' took a few photos and posted them on social media in time honoured fashion. However, this time there was an extra surprise. My pal Roky on Twitter, noticed that there was another BT called Milly on Instagram who was celebrating her fifteenth birthday on the same day as me and who bore an uncanny resemblance. It only turned out that she is my long lost sisfur from the same litter! She was the last one born and I was the last one chosen - what can I tell you, I was saving myself! It turns our she lives nearby in Kent, so we're going to arrange to meet up. What are the chances of that happening?
     So, it's been a bit of an exciting time and I've had to have a little lie down on my new mattress to recover. I need to keep my strength up as I've got an emotional reunion to attend and then I need to get ready for Christmas.....
twenty-first wrapping paper - is she having a laugh?

A pleasing array of goodies

Okay, so it's a mince pie (special dog one from pet shop), but I'm not complaining!

Me and my long-lost sisfur Milly