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Saturday, 6 January 2018


Well, the festive season has come and gone in the normal way and 'Them Indoors' have emerged, blinking, in the cold light of January, slightly dazed and wondering what it was all about.

Just before Christmas we had an unexpected canine visitor when, Teddy, the Border Terrier 'Her Indoors' walks for the Cinnamon Trust, came to stay with us for two nights whilst his owner had an unscheduled trip into hospital. 'Them Indoors' didn't want to disturb my senior routine, as Teddy was only having a short stay, so they made his bedroom up in the conservatory, which is the opposite end of the house to the kitchen, where I sleep. Imagine my surprise when I went outside ready for my senior pootle, only to discover that another Border Terrier was there. I had to do a double take just to make sure I wasn't confused by my own reflection which is an easy mistake to make. Anyway, once I'd recovered from the shock we were formally introduced and it was all gentlemanly tail wagging and sniffing. Teddy was very considerate and walked slowly so I could keep up, and in return I introduced him to the best sniffing and pee-mail spots. It was rather companionable, and, if he plays his cards right, I might allow him to accompany me on the occasional walk in the future. Anyway, since Teddy went home, I've been regularly checking the conservatory in case 'Them Indoors' have got any other dogs secreted away that I don't know about. You really can't trust them out of your sight, honestly....

Anyway, in true post-Christmas tradition the weather is rubbish and the annual tax return deadline is looming. I don't worry about the latter; what can I tell you, I have staff, but the former is rather trying to a dog of a senior disposition. Even with a coat on, there is a limit to my tolerance. 'Them Indoors' have been taking the mickey out of my somnolence and reluctance to vacate my very comfy bed. I've got a good thick mattress and my soft toys arranged to block out any drafts and as pillows, why would I want to leave that for a soggy, windy and cold outdoors? There's also been some talk amongst 'Him' and "Her Indoors' about New Year's resolutions. I can't understand why they set such boring ones. Mine are simple. I resolve to take less exercise and eat and drink more whenever I possibly can. I'm also going to do what I want, when I want to, and I'm going to extract every ounce of fun and mischief out of a given situation. Sorted - Happy New Year!
An extra Border, in more ways than one!

Polite introductions

A few toys tastefully arranged.....

Why would I possibly want to go outdoors...?

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