Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sartorial Elegance and Sausages

Bumped into Daisy, the Miniature Schnauzer from a few doors up, this morning and she was wearing a lampshade   To begin with I thought it was the latest in doggy accessorising, a bit of a step up from a coat or a neckerchief, but I gather from 'Her Indoors' it had something to do with an ear problem.  Daisy might have looked a bit like an angle-poise lamp, but at least it was keeping the rain off.

They had sausages for tea tonight.  They always set the smoke alarm off when they cook sausages, so at the first wiff of them, I slink out of the kitchen, into the lobby and sit there with a sad, slightly accusing expression, which seems to amuse 'Them Indoors'.  They always reassure me - they lie.  All those decibels assaulting my sensitive doggy hearing.  I'm calling the RSPCA. 

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