Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Horse Play

I've always had a bit of a thing about horses - large, clippy-cloppy and frankly rather alarming, although quite impressive in the pooing department.  Anyway, my unrestrained vocal rebuke of anything vaguely equestrian upsets 'Her Indoors'.  I think she's worried I'll be responsible for unseating a rider, although the nearest we've come to that was an unfortunate incident when she unfurled her golfing umbrella at an inopportune moment.  However, having identified a training need, 'Her Indoors' has been remarkably persistent. I made sure it took a long time and lots of treats before I caught on to what was expected.  I get generous praise from the riders who know me by name due to 'Her Indoors' scolding me when I succumb to temptation.  There's one horse, who's accompanied by a free roaming Border Collie, that I have particular difficulty in not barking at.  It's probably because the dog reminds me a bit of my arch enemy, Midge the farm dog.  I've just about managed to restrain myself these days but the horse has become a bit nervous when he sees me, lots of trotting sideways and backing up the lane showing the whites of his eyes.  Anyway, I caught his name for the first time this morning - Tiger - you've got to laugh!

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