Monday, 30 January 2012

Home Comforts

I'm just back from kennels.  'Them Indoors' have been off partying for the weekend so I was consigned to the local hostelry for my basic care.  I aught to pretend that I don't like it, I could ratchet up the guilt factor quite considerably, but I've got to be honest, I rather enjoy it.  There's the change of scenery, the food, the heated kennels, the radio and the chance to share my melodious vocal skills without any scolding from 'Her Indoors'.  Plus they're always really pleased to see me when I get home.  The only downside is the thorough  cleaning of my domestic environment when I'm not there.  The smell of disinfectant is quite over-powering.  It takes me a little while, once I'm home, to get my bed and the floors into a suitably scruffy state again.  Still, one has to make the effort. 

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