Thursday, 16 February 2012

Squirreling Away

It must be the milder weather after the cold snap, but there were a lot of squirrels around on my walk this morning.  Annoying creatures.  They chase around in the upper branches, flaunting the fact that they're flagrantly out of reach, flicking their tails and making chattering noises.  I usually bark at them in an attempt to scare one into falling, but so far it isn't working.  I very nearly caught one once however, in the summer.  The cunning little blighter who lives in our garden had worked out that I was normally only at large when 'Them Indoors' were outside too.  They've got trust issues - can't think why.  Anyway, on one particularly sunny day, I had fallen asleep on the lawn, so 'Her Indoors' took pity and left me when she went inside.  The squirrel saw 'Her Indoors' go and thought he was safe to run across my lawn.  He got half way, into no-mans land, before he realised his mistake.  I awoke from my slumbers and had him there, squarely in my sights.  I thought I was still dreaming!  I tore across the lawn but he really shifted and managed to get to the Silver Birch a nano-second before me.  I flung myself up the tree but just missed.  I knew I wasn't dreaming then - if it'd been a dream I'd have got him.  Still, I haven't given up hope.......

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