Friday, 24 February 2012

Two Breakfasts Rolo

'Him Indoors' was away this week, so I thought I'd make a bid for double breakfast like last time.  'Him Indoors' usually gives me my breakfast nice and promptly, but when he's away, 'Her Indoors' does the early shift.  Sometimes she forgets though, and I have to sit by my bowl looking hungry, waiting for her to notice.  Anyway, last time he was away, there was confusion between the two females of the family, aided and abetted by me looking hungry at both of them, and I was fed twice.  Success!  Those names she called me however, were totally unfair and, to be frank, discriminatory.  It's not my fault; all Border Terriers are greedy, it's part of our breed standard.  Anyway, I tried the same trick this week but they weren't having any of it. Still, it was worth a go. 

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