Sunday, 19 August 2012

Home Alone

'Her Indoors', 'Him Indoors' and 'Junior Her' went away for the weekend and left me home alone.  True they only left me behind because they thought I wouldn't enjoy a couple of hours in the car in all this heat, and they did appoint 'Junior Him' as my temporary sole carer, but still......They went to visit the parents of 'Her Indoors' and I do rather enjoy a trip there myself.  They like dogs and let me have free range of the house and garden, plus they have a problem with cats and pigeons so really appreciate my vocal interventions.  On this occasion however, it was not to be.  'Junior Him' did his best but my routine was slightly disrupted.  My late night toilet visit to the garden was at 1.30am and involved playing ball which was rather fun actually.  Also, 'Junior Him' got up especially early to give me my breakfast, which was rather touching, and then went back to bed.  I didn't get a walk however, I was just let out in the garden, but I did learn all about Van Percy's decision to leave Arsenal for Manchester United with a few new words, of the more colourful variety, added to my vocabulary.  I'm not sure 'Her Indoors' would approve but I quite enjoyed a bit of male bonding, and I was glad of the tiled floor in the kitchen which is nice and cool in all this heat.

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