Sunday, 5 August 2012

It's Gold!

'Them Indoors' are completely absorbed by the Olympics.  They've been waving Union Jacks and shouting at the tele all week.  It seems quite interesting I must say, although I think there's a few sports missing.  There's no '100 metres sprint after a rubber ball'.  I could win that.  They could also do with a 'squeezing through a tiny hole in the fence, relative to body size', event.  Additionally there's potential for a 'dog carrying the biggest stick' event with additional points for the number of people caught in the back of the knees.  'Sneaking up on other dogs on the wrong side of the hedge' would be a good one for my arch enemy, Midge the farm dog, and Bouncing Bonnie is an obvious talent for the 'high jump'.  Medals would have to be edible, of course.  Anyway, in anticiptation, I'd like to thank my trainer 'Her Indoors' for a life time of commands ignored.  I'd also like to thank 'Him Indoors' for my dietary supplements and 'Junior Her' for her unwavering support in moments of crisis.  It makes you proud to be British.

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