Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Rolo Returns!

I'm back!  'Them Indoors' have been on holiday and I've been in kennels.  'Junior Him' didn't go.  Visiting historic places of interest doesn't fit with his teenage ethos, so he opted for 'home alone'.  They did consider leaving me to his tender mercies, but I like an early walk and a consistent routine, so they took pity on me and left me at my favourite boarding establishment.  There's always plenty going on at the kennels, particularly at this time of year, and I can bark as much as I like, but it's always nice to be home.  'Her Indoors' normally uses 'Junior Him's car for transporting me around, on the grounds that the interior is already suitably contaminated, but he was out, so 'Her Indoors' had to collect me in her car, a mini convertible.  Very nice.  Leather seats and the air teasing your ears - I arrived back in style.  The rabbits had been taking the micky and one of the neighbour's cats has been making a shortcut across the garden.  I soon put a stop to all that.  'Junior Him' had clearly had a good time while 'Them Indoors' were away, judging by the smells and the jelly under my dog basket.  I wonder if 'Her Indoors' realises what went on.....

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