Sunday, 1 July 2012

Doggy Doings

I've had a rather sociable few days.  I've met up with the usual culprits, Bouncing Bonnie (living up to her name next to the fence); the smallest dog in the village who I'm thinking of re-naming as the happiest dog in the village because he's always so chirpy and interested in everything, and Daisy the Minature Schnauzer who was on the other side of the road so we just barked at each other whilst our owners rolled their eyes and exhanged knowing, owning small dog, glances.  I also met the Lancashire Heeler from up the road who seems a bit lonely since he lost his friend and co-habitee, and who followed me around the playing fields companionably sniffing and weeing.  Then there was Harvey, the Bearded Collie from the Oast House at the top of the lane.  He's an impressive creature.  His coat is full length and he's obviously groomed daily because it ripples when he walks like a dog off the TV.  I think 'Her Indoors' was impressed too as she's started muttering about grooming and looking in the garage to try and find my brush.  I could be in for a bit of a spruce up.  Basil from next door popped through the hedge as well yesterday, when 'Him Indoors' was working on a new fence with our neighbour.  He's getting on a bit - Basil, not the neighbour - but he's a good natured sort.  It's a companionable sort of place, our village.

                                                 Bouncing Bonnie and friend

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