Thursday, 28 June 2012


Had a fun day last Saturday.  'Her Indoors' and 'Junior Her' went up to London for a universtiy open day and 'Junior Him' was away, doing teenage things, at the Hackney Weekend.  So that left me and 'Him Indoors' spending some quality time together.  We normally get on ok provided I don't do anything too doggy, particularly if it involves bodily fluids, but he doesn't have quite the same insight and anticipation that 'Her Indoors' has, after years of careful training.  Anyway, he thoughtfully took me for a little walk round the garden, on my extendable lead, because the gates were open, but forgot about my tendancy to hunt snakes by the compost heap.  He was just checking on the veg patch and muttering about the rabbits, when I found a really big grass snake.  I chased it, of course - what else does a dog do? - and caught it - excellent!  Unfortunately it was too big for me to manage and was writhing around, either side of my jaws.  'Him Indoors' got very excited, shouting and trying to reel me in.  Eventually it got a bit much and I had to let go.  The snake seemed none-the-worse and slid off under the hedge, but 'Him Indoors' needed a few moments to recover.  He embroidered the story handsomely for 'Her Indoors' when she returned.  Anyone would think he had wrestled me to safety from the coils of a Boa Constrictor!  It added a bit of excitement to the day though.

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