Sunday, 28 October 2012

Doggy Disputes

It finally happened.  After years of waiting, I got an opportunity to give that Golden Retriever from up the road, the benefit of my views at close range.  I was walking with 'Her Indoors' when I saw my nemesis approaching with his owner.  There was the usual vocal exchange, but as I got close I managed to wriggle out of my harness and escape all constraints - 'Her Indoors' has only got herself to blame, she switched me to a senior dog food so I've lost a bit of weight and she hasn't adjusted the straps.  Anyway, I dashed in and gave him the old vocals close up, instead of having to project my voice across the road.  'Her Indoors' wasn't best pleased and grabbed me in a very unseemly fashion, commanded me to sit in that 'don't you dare disobey me' voice, which even I recognise means trouble, and then gave me a thorough and rather humiliating dressing down in no uncertain terms, although she saved the choicest words for when we were out of hearing range of the other owner.  My memory has blanked much of it out, but the threat of being turned into a hearth rug was high on the list of alternative fates, as I recall.  She was still cross with me when we got home and refused to give me my 'end of walk' chew.  Doesn't she know that dogs have no memory so won't understand a punishment imposed ten minutes after the event?  Still, I think it made her feel better.  And there's no chance of any similar fun in the future; she's tightened the harness straps.  Pity......

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