Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sticks and Stones......

'Junior Him' is back from university for the weekend to warm up, have a few square meals and do his washing.  I'm not sure where he frequents when he's away from home, but he did say that it was nice to see a terrier that wasn't a Pit Bull........

Anyway, one of the good things about 'Junior Him', is that he usually refers to me by my proper name, Rolo.  It's a nice name.  'Him Indoors' swears I was named after a Roman Emperor, whilst 'Her Indoors' thinks I was named after the sweet and the fact that I was the last puppy left in the litter not chosen (I was saving myself).  Whatever the history, I seem to get called anything but.  Here's a quick selection of the usual culprits:

'Maximum' - short for 'maximum affront to the senses', originating with, and used by 'Him Indoors' (does he think I've got no feelings - bloomin' cheek!)
'Minimum' - a small dog with a big personality, also used by 'Him Indoors'.
'Mutley' - something to do with an old children's cartoon called 'Stop the Pigeon'.  Rather appropriate as I don't like pigeons.  Used by 'Her Indoors'.
'Dog-Dog' - I was so called once by a very small child with a limited vocabulary.  Factual (although there's only one of me.  I can understand why he might have thought otherwise) but unimaginative.  Anyway, it seems to have stuck with 'Her Indoors'.
'Gorgeous Boy' - Only ever used by 'Junior Her', my staunchest supporter, bless her.
'Darling Dog' - Also used by 'Junior Her' and 'Her Indoors' during our more intimate tummy tickling, falling asleep on a lap in front of the wood burner moments.
'That Bl***y Dog!' - Put Battersea Dogs' Home on standby and call in 'Junior Her' to plead mitigation, I'm in serious trouble.

They do sometimes call me Rolo, but usually only when they want me to do something, as in 'Rolo, come'.  I usually ignore them.  That'll teach them to indulge in name-calling.


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