Saturday, 23 March 2013


I've finally done it!  It's taken a whole lifetime of effort but I finally succeeded this week.  I got two dinners by accident.  Now I've managed two breakfasts before, but that's relatively easy.  'Them Indoors', with the exception of 'Him Indoors', who's usually quite perky first thing, are a bit slow and easily confused in the morning, but deceit over dinner takes a fair bit of skill and guile.  'Junior Her' has responsibility for my evening meal and is usually very reliable.  However, in the way of teenagers, she sometimes goes out and misses my 5.00pm dinner deadline which causes me some distress.  Anyway, 'Junior Her' had a driving lesson at 4.30pm and 'Her Indoors' was still at work, so taking pity on me and with admirable forward planning, 'Junior Her' gave me my dinner and texted 'Her Indoors' to let her know.  However, when 'Her Indoors' came home, she clearly hadn't checked her 'phone so assumed I hadn't been fed.  I, of course, gave an Oscar winning 'hungry dog' performance, so got another meal.  It wasn't until later, when 'Her Indoors' checked her 'phone, that my little charade was discovered.  I got a few new alternative names I can tell you - what is a glutton by the way? - but it was worth it.

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