Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sunshine - At Last!

The sun has finally come out and I've been outside, basking.  I know all the best spots and follow the sun round the garden at different times of day.  The best place is lying next to the end wall of the garden office belonging to 'Her Indoors'.  It's south facing and matt black so it absorbs the heat.  It's the ideal spot for a Border Terrier to rest his weary bones, I can tell you.  'Her Indoors' was working from home today and she had the office door open so I was able to wander in and out at will, dropping my ball at her feet to try and entice her outside, away from that keyboard.  It didn't work though.

 I spent the weekend out in the garden too.  I have to admit that I've lost some of my fitness over the winter, so found all that running around and barking at squirrels, crows, rabbits and anything else that looked worthy of investigation, frankly exhausting.  I think 'Her Indoors' has lost a bit of her fitness too.  After a couple of hours gardening she looked knackered.  Still, we've got the whole summer ahead of us so I'd better build up my strength.

Recharging my Batteries


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