Monday, 27 May 2013

Bad News; Good News

I'm a closet Radio Four listener.  I know dogs are only supposed to understand twenty words but I pick up a lot about the outside world from listening to the radio.  This week however, the news has been a bit grim.  First there was a man hacked to death in a London street and then there was an elderly man reportedly savaged to death in his back garden by a dog.  Honestly, it makes you wonder.  Is it due to an innately evil disposition or is the environment in which they've been brought up and the influences they've been subject to?  I suspect it's probably a complicated blend of all of those, but then what do I know, I'm only a dog of limited understanding.

Anyway, there was a heart warming story on the local news last night that put everything back into perspective.  A Border Terrier called Lola was being walked by her owner along the cliff tops near Eastbourne, when she chased a bird (surely not, what was she thinking of?) and was so engrossed in the pursuit that she ran headlong over the edge of the cliff.  Although certain that the dog couldn't have survived such a fall, the local coastguard was called and Lola was rescued safe and well having fallen into the sea and scrambled to safety.  There was a lovely image of a coast guard wading out of the waves, holding Lola tightly to his chest.  Then there were interviews with Lola's family, including a young boy and girl who were clearly thrilled to have Lola returned and she was clearly thrilled with all the fuss.  If you're reading Lola, I know you're only seven months old, but remember to look before you leap next time.  Call me a sentimental old dog, but also remember that dogs and people are meant to be happy together and that in spite of everything you see and hear in the media, there is still a lot of good in the world.

Right, I'm off to chase a few birds myself before catching the latest new bulletin on the radio. 

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