Monday, 28 October 2013

Getting Ridiculous

I've only just got used to 'Junior Him and Her' deserting me for university and now 'Him Indoors' is disappearing off as well.  He's been on a BBC History weekend leaving me and 'Her Indoors' to keep each other company.  I don't understand it.  If he wants to study old things he's got me.  I could mention 'Her Indoors' in the same breathe but I daren't upset her in case she starts getting ideas.  She was suspiciously supportive of 'Him Indoors' pursuing his interests, so I can only imagine she's biding her time until something comes up for her.  I don't expect 'Him Indoors' has worked that out yet, poor lamb.  Anyway, she tried her best.  She took me for walks and counted my morning biscuits out into my bowl.  She didn't give that nice explanation of the different types of biscuit that I get from 'Him Indoors', although his rationale for the black, charcoal ones can be a bit too biological.  He's back now, of course, but to be honest I'm a bit put out.  Doesn't he realise we dogs are pack animals? 

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