Sunday, 3 November 2013

They've Returned

They've returned! 'Junior Him and Her' are back from university. 'Junior Him' was celebrating his twenty-first in Brighton. I was a bit concerned when 'Her Indoors' first brought him home. He was particularly hollow-eyed and had worrying red marks around his neck, but it turned out he hadn't quite removed all his face paint from his zombie American footballers' fancy dress outfit. The return of 'Junior Her' was a bit like a scene from love story. She swept me off my feet and murmured sweet nothings about my fur being softer than she remembered. I followed her round closely and sat on her feet at every opportunity. Mind you, it wasn't all sweetness and light. 'Junior Him' wanted to play ball when I was taking a little nap and he mis-interpreted my reluctance as a sign of ageing. Bloomin' cheek! He wants to be careful about calling me old. Doesn't he realise that after twenty-one, it's all downhill?

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