Thursday, 26 December 2013

Presents, Food and Walks in the Sun

I had a pretty good Christmas Day, I have to say.  Firstly, Santa Paws visited and left me a whole stocking of goodies.  I've manged to chew my way through one of the toys already, and I've eaten a stack of extra treats which is good for my insulating layer.  'Her Indoors' bought me a tin of Christmas dog food which I've never had before, so that together with some turkey scraps and a few carelessly dropped items, ensured that I felt suitably replete by the end of the day.  The sun actually shone for my walk, so I was able to have the Sunday version which involves an hour of country exercise - bliss.  Best of all, I got a fleecy dog blanket as one of my presents.  It might not sound very exciting, but the idea is that it acts as a sofa cover so that I can spend evenings in comfort, heating my old bones in front of the woodburner.  I can't wait......I hope your day was as good as mine.

                        A masterclass in unwrapping presents, terrier style.

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